Easy, Tiger! September 13, 2019 – Posted in: Blog, Gifts

New Gifts from Easy, Tiger:

  • Thing I’ll Cancel Later Daily Planner – Write down all those things you’ll forget anyway in 2020. Each and every page features the random holiday of the day, celebrity birthdays and a bit of trivia. $35
  • Curren Mood Enamel Frame – These handsome frames have a hilarious picture you can keep or add your own. “in Current Mood” and “Damn, Son!” $15/$25
  • Hilarious Pots and Vases – Finally your plant and flowers can speak their mind! “I Will Survive,” “Cut Down in Their Prime,” and “ Please Don’t Die.” $18
  • “Kicking Ass and Taking Notes” Pens – This pen states the obvious. So does: “Literary AF,” “Word” and “For Autographs.” Just sayin. $25
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