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Countdown 1945 by Chris Wallace – Countdown 1945 is the story of an untested new president confronting a decision that he knows will change the world forever. Truman’s journey during these 116 days is a story of high drama: from the shock of learning of the bomb’s existence, to the conflicting advice he receives from generals like Dwight D. Eisenhower and George Marshall, to wrestling with the devastating carnage that will result if he gives…

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The Essential Compendium of Dad Jokes – Features jokes from “I’m on a seafood diet—I see food and I eat it” to “I used to hate facial hair—but now it’s growing on me” and other cringe-worthy classics to add to Dad’s repertoire. Bow Tie Bottle Stopper – Does your dad love his bow tie collection and wine? Look no further! This Is The Book You Give Your Dad – Including how to give a toast…

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